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Laser Leveling Machine Technical Characteristics

- Jul 17, 2017 -

1) floor top design elevation by the laser and computer automatic control, and real-time adjustment to ensure accurate leveling, laser leveling leveling than the traditional construction method of flatness at least 3-5 times the quality of the floor to find a day to complete the work The amount of about 4000m2, greatly enhance the operating efficiency;

2) vertical and horizontal slope by the computer automatic control hydraulic system to ensure that the floor slope of the precise control and implementation;

3) The laser launcher is arranged independently. The construction of the floor can lay a large area and ensure the consistency of the ground elevation. The elevation is not controlled by the template, and the cumulative error will not be produced. Compared with the traditional method, the construction of the floor can be greatly reduced Seam, so that the ground after the maintenance costs and the use of the template is also greatly reduced:

4) laser leveling head by the scraper, fabric spiral, vibrator, leveling beam composed of four parts, the construction of multi-channel process (scraping scraping extra concrete, roller rolling, wood rubbing flat, artificial smoothing, etc.) together , Completed by the machine one-time, improve efficiency, save labor;

5) vibrator vibration frequency of 3000 times / min, can be applied to dry hard concrete, steel fiber reinforced concrete, large aggregate concrete:

6) According to the equipment performance, laser leveling machine equipped with grinder, sowing machine, soft cutting machine, fast straight edge machine and other auxiliary equipment.

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