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Laser Leveling Machine Is The Concrete Floor Construction On What Advantages

- Jul 17, 2017 -

High strength, high flatness, large vibration, good construction effect, etc., which are modern laser leveling machine super flat ground in the construction process has the characteristics and advantages. But also in the use of modern fine laser technology, then the whole is fully equipped with a new function of the role, of course, when the solid concrete floor or a large surplus of labor, improve the efficiency and leveling strength, which is in 21 The century which is more prominent in the operation of a mechanical equipment.

Especially in the laser leveling machine super flat ground vibration process, the vibration frequency reached 4000 times a minute, compared with the traditional leveling equipment more than ten times, we can see that the equipment in the actual application of the Pouring concrete on the ground to bring a uniform and compact effect, so much on the ground strength has a very big increase. In the domestic scientific and technological progress and promotion today, the use of this equipment after the full with a certain status and advantages, and improve the leading position in the industry.

Density, intensity, the degree of leveling effect is also in the use of laser leveling machine over the flat process required to achieve the purpose of quality, innovative design has been fully equipped with the advantages of this position, creating in the industry in the field of modernization Equipment characteristics. So that the equipment can be in the national construction market customers trust.

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