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Application Of Concrete Laser Leveler In Floor Industry

- Jul 17, 2017 -

Construction industry is one of the important pillar industries of China's national economy, branch floor industry is the most important, large-scale market, the number of enterprises. With the development of a variety of ownership of construction enterprises, the construction industry as a whole to gradually increase the degree of market, the industry as a whole has been in a state of complete competition.

At present, the construction project is increasingly large and complicated, so that the construction contractor from the construction contracting as the center of the labor-intensive enterprises, to the management of the central functions of knowledge-intensive enterprises, from the overall point of view, occupy Larger market share is with the technology, management, equipment and have a superior qualification of the construction enterprises.

In addition, with the modern logistics, workshops, supermarkets and other places on the ground flatness and the level of continuous improvement, the concept of flat with the birth of the flat. For example, only the flatness of the ground, unmanned mechanical equipment can be separated from the track bound, any position precise movement; ground level difference is smaller, 8 meters above the high shelf is not easy to dump.

After the advent of concrete laser leveling machine to bid farewell to the artificial shovel, shovel wiping the history of the ground, but the use of mechanized equipment instead of artificial labor, not only save a lot of money, and relatively short duration of nearly 2/3 The The widespread use of concrete laser leveling machine in the floor construction industry set off a wave, indicating the advent of the era of mechanization.

The laser leveling of concrete is a prerequisite for the realization of super flat ground. Hanxing concrete laser paving leveling machine, so that the concept of super flat ground to become a reality. Hanxing concrete laser paving leveling machine, by receiving a fixed position of the laser signal, by the computer automatically control the confidential hydraulic system, automatic leveling. Computer control system every 10 seconds in real time automatically adjust and laser launch signal elevation, leveling parts of 4000 times per minute vibration. Self-driving operation, mobile and flexible. The body is small, easy to transport, in the underground garage and floor construction is also very convenient. Can be completed per hour 300-500 square meters of cement concrete paving leveling, more effectively shorten the duration and improve efficiency.

As a leader in the construction equipment, the concrete laser leveling machine developed can quickly lay a large area of the place, and to ensure the quality of construction, the use of the equipment to lay out the ground more flat, so that Ground leveling has been guaranteed, better help in the construction industry to pave the ground.

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