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The Main Points of Small Roller in Subgrade Construction

- Jul 17, 2017 -

1, the use of small roller roadbed construction, in order to ensure that the first good drainage facilities to avoid flooding.

2, roadbed fill in the construction of the first embankment, remove the topsoil to the sidelines, fill the hole leveling and then compaction, embankment stability does not sink.

3, small roller manufacturers to remind you, roadbed filler must choose a good, to ensure that soil stability, strength particle size to meet the construction requirements.

4, embankment fill ladder with each other to join the old and new interface to be linked to the slope on the digging steps, sub-section to fill the ladder, while the construction layer stack.

5, different soil fill embankment embankment fill is not the same, in accordance with the soil sub-layer, strength and permeability as the basis, to prevent roadbed instability.

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