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Teach you a small roller machine maintenance car paint tips

- Jul 17, 2017 -

The surface of a small roller often rusts, and we may say that it is the consequence of the surface paint being cut. In fact, in addition to the common collision, scratches, the car when the tires hit the small stones hit the paint, but also make the paint a peeling off a small point, a long time will produce small rust. And these small scars because most of the inconspicuous, easy to be ignored.

Small road transport on the way, encountered rain and snow or passing muddy water pavement is inevitable, the bottom of the car and some other space and the car floor, etc. are easy to accumulate sludge, if not timely cleaning, which will make moisture To hide. To always check, and to keep the door and the body parts of the drainage holes open, check the car cover the humidity, to prevent the rusty parts of the floor.

There are some small paint a small road roller, high-speed running in the process of sand particles hit the body may also cause small scratches. For this type of car, you can seal the body glaze, it can form a solid mesh protective film to improve the hardness of the paint, the effect can be maintained for about a year. In addition, for the bottom of the vehicle can be chassis armor or plastic, so you can protect the chassis acid rain, anti-corrosion, so that the original protective layer is not easy to dry, off, but also to prevent the impact of small stones on the chassis.

For the small roller body has appeared some minor scratches or rust, if you are placed regardless of easy to rust, but not worth the money to the beauty shop. You can do it yourself with some easy way to handle it.

Here to teach you a simple and effective way: found a new small scars, the toothpaste gently wipe the circle painted on the scratch. This can generally reduce the mark imprint, you can simply play a role in isolation, to prevent rust, no problem in the short term. The above is Xiangjiang Xiao Bian for your finishing on the surface of the maintenance of the road, you learn it?

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