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Summarization and Application of Reinforced Concrete Cutting Technology

- Jul 17, 2017 -

Concrete cutting process With the accelerated pace of urbanization, urban construction with each passing day. In the big city, the ground has been unable to meet the traffic requirements, urban traffic up to the elevated, light rail, down to the subway. Some elevated posts now seem to be factors that constrain urban development. It is inevitable that some of the elevated structures are to be demolished, and that part of it is not affected and reused, which has become a problem before us. In the traditional demolition of this construction can not do anything, advanced reinforced concrete cutting method is safe, efficient and environmentally friendly features.

Reinforced concrete cutting technology mainly disc cutting method and diamond wire cutting method. Diamond wire cutting method has faster speed, greater flexibility and lower construction noise. Especially in the construction renovation project has been more and more applications. Disc cutting method to break the traditional wind pick chisel after the gas cutting or directional blasting construction methods, with diamond particles with cutting disc cutting, construction incision neatly, straight, without post-processing, free from construction sites, environmental protection , Duration, safety reasons and other conditions, is widely used in various types of large-scale building structural transformation and cutting construction. The steel wire cutting method is composed of high power hydraulic press, transmission locating pulley and steel wire with diamond sawtooth. The hydraulic motor drives the steel wire around the cutting object to rotate at high speed through the drive pulley. It has the advantages of fast construction and noise Low, no vibration, no dust and other advantages of waste gas pollution, and incision straight and smooth, no need to do after the processing. The use of the technology, for some of the special requirements of the construction of the project, such as tight schedule, high environmental requirements, as well as some large concrete structure demolition, cutting works, these problems can be solved.

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