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How to take care your concrete laser screed when you use it

- Dec 29, 2017 -

For now, more and more floor constructor using concrete laser screed to do the work, because concrete laser screed contact materials are not the same, leading to maintenance methods of the machine is not the same, so we must pay attention to the details in use, after the completion of the work to do well on the machine maintenance work, here we give details about the concrete leveling machine maintenance knowledge.



1. Avoid impurities. For concrete laser screed working in harsh environment and complex condition places, the first thing is to use high quality, supporting components and lubricating oil and grease, the source block harmful impurities; Second, we should do a good job in the mechanical protection of the work site, to ensure that the corresponding institutions can work normally, and prevent various impurities into the machinery. When mechanical failure occurs, try to go to the regular repair plant to repair it. When repairing in the construction site, the protective measures should be done to prevent the change of the parts from the site to be contaminated by the dust and other impurities before entering the machine.

2. Applicable temperature. During the use of concrete laser screed, we must prevent overload operation at low temperature, ensure normal operation at low speed preheating stage, and make the machine run or work after the specified temperature. Do not neglect its important role because there is no problem at that time. To prevent machinery from running at high temperature, we should check the values on various thermometers regularly during mechanical operation, find the problem and stopped immediately, check and find out the trouble and eliminate it in time.


3. Corrosion protection. During operation, management and operation personnel should take effective measures according to the local weather and air pollution at that time, so as to reduce the influence of chemical corrosion on machinery. The key is to prevent chemical invasion of rainwater and air from invasion to machinery.

4. Timely maintenance. There will be a variety of failures in the use of the concrete leveling machine. In these failures, the effects of some failures on mechanical equipment may be very small, some are more serious, and even cause casualties. We should try to ensure that the mechanical load is uniformly increased and reduced, so that the machinery can be in a relatively gentle load change. Specifically, it is to increase and decrease the throttle more evenly, to avoid the engine and the working device will suddenly fluctuate dramatically.

If you have any further question, just contact us, I’m pretty sure that your any questions will get a proper respond. VANSE focus on concrete laser screed.

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