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Construction of concrete cutting machine

- Jul 17, 2017 -

1, rack

The main role is to make horizontal cutting vehicles in the orbit for horizontal movement and cross-cutting mechanism in its orbit for vertical movements.

2, cross-cutting mechanism

By the cross-frame, transmission and across the device, guide wheel, swing device, cutting wire and other components. The drive and the spanning device drive the cross section to cut the blanks vertically and cut the wires simultaneously for both directions.

3, the level of cutting cars

By the frame, scraper device, trimming device, transmission device, hanging column, wheel group, Ping group and other components. Horizontal cutting car on both sides were equipped with two sets of sheaves and two sets of flat wheels, driven by the horizontal cutting machine in the spikes and flat track on the walk back and forth, to achieve horizontal cutting and "bread head" cutting.

4, flip table

By the flip frame, carts, cars, flip the main cylinder and walking cylinder and other components, its role is to use the horizontal placed in the flip table on the body of the body turned 90 ° forward and moved to the cutting position, the horizontal, vertical cutting And six-sided cutting, complete cutting and then flip back to the starting position.

5, hydraulic system

By the petrol station, motor, pump, all kinds of valves, pipe joints and other components. The main role is to flip the table smooth and accurate flip 90 °, cart, car synchronized to move to the appropriate location. [1] 

6, electrical control system

Follow the instructions to achieve manual and automatic control of all actions.

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