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Concrete laser leveling machine traditional method construction process

- Jul 17, 2017 -

Need to RBI support line, branch channel steel, support the channel down the concrete, paved after the roll with the side of the roller and then scraping scraping again. After the completion of the initial condensate, and then polished machine.

1, RBI, pull the air line

The use of machine construction technology: Lei Long - concrete laser leveling machine is to use the scraper will be higher concrete and take the initial level, to achieve the design requirements of the elevation. Using two-wheel automatic walking system, the vibration frequency of 4000 times / min, driven by the entire vibration plate with concrete vibrating effect. Lei Long concrete laser leveling machine construction width of 2.5 meters.

Laser leveling machine leveling does not need to pull the control line, do not need to control the ground side of the template elevation, and by the leveling machine on the laser measurement and control system in real time control, as long as the laser transmitter without disturbance, regardless of the leveling machine to move to where, Can ensure that the pavement after the overall elevation of the ground is not affected.

Using the machine construction process: first through the reference point, find the elevation, adjust the laser launcher control elevation. And then directly down the concrete, the machine a one-time scratch, mention pulp, compaction. To achieve large area paving.

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