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Comparison of Traditional Technology and Modern Construction Technology of Concrete Laser Leveler

- Jul 17, 2017 -

1 to find a flat support template, RBI, red band to the level of laser as the base control surface, so as to ensure the level of the ground

2 single area width 6M area of 2000 square meters within 3000 ㎡ ~ 5000 ㎡ any block construction

3 flatness of less than the national norms exceed the national norms

4 work efficiency 700-800 ㎡ / single class 2500 ~ 3500 ㎡ / single class

5 construction joints how much

6 Uneven density is uniform and dense

7 appearance is not beautiful, stubble more beautiful, stubble less

8 teams about 17 of about 8

9 cost level

10 tool chute, roller, scraper, vibrating bar channel, machine

11 operation complicated operation, the program cumbersome one machine operation, one-time vibration, mention pulp, scratching.

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